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Garage Door Spring Tulsa

A damaged garage door spring may prevent the door from opening completely. Sometimes this means that the door suddenly falls to the floor. This is an inconvenient and dangerous example, but it may mean that one or two springs have reached the end of their service life. The spring will wear out after a certain period of time, which means maintenance and replacement are required.

Garage doors are heavy, which is why they need these components to work together to lift the panel. The spring contributes to this process, which means that the door cannot be moved using any other method. We do not recommend trying any DIY solutions to solve this problem, because besides possible further damage, there are also safety hazards. Seek the help of qualified technicians with skills and knowledge who should install new springs for the garage door.

The expected life of the spring depends on the number of times the door is opened and closed. This mechanism is called looping. Due to the existence of different springs, their service life may vary, but it is approximately 10,000 cycles. To convert it into a measurable time, it means that when used twice a day, the spring can last up to 14 years. If you have a few cars and the garage door runs up to 6 cycles per day, the spring can last for five years.

Garage Door Spring Tulsa

How much does a spring replacement cost?

If you need to repair garage door springs in a multi-door garage, you can spend up to $500, including replacement of other hardware. The cost of a garage with fewer doors is lower. On average, the cost of replacing garage door springs is $250. The labor costs for the two springs range from $150 to $350. Sometimes, you will not need to replace the problem on the balance. Repair and lubrication cost only $50.

Expert Garage Spring Replacement

We have high-quality and durable garage door spring assemblies in various sizes without waiting for the delivery of specific parts. We hope to complete the repair as soon as possible so that you can return to normal as soon as possible without any safety hazards. The warranty guarantees all repairs.

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